CoolCoach Academy

    Get your career on track

    Do you feel your skills as a sports player or an athlete is not valued or under-utilized? 

    Then join our program to build a career in fitness and sports industry. Life time support to help you grow

    Become a Job Ready CoolCoach

    1. Fitness Science for the right exercise techniques and anatomical knowledge

    2. Personal Training for improved fitness and body awareness in athletes

    3. Personality Development for good self-presentation, along with English training

    4. Guaranteed Job for program graduates with CoolCoach Training

    "We are one of a kind program where you will develop coaching skills and life skills for a strong career in the fitness and sports industry" 

    Become an all rounder!!

    Learn how to teach. And learn how to learn. Because a great coach is a good teacher, and a good learner as well. 

    We follow the LAPC model, so you can build your skills as:

    1. Learner: take notes smarter and develop a lifelong interest to learn
    2. Athlete: improve your own fitness levels, training and nutrition
    3. Professional: understand how to present yourself and communicate better
    4. Coach: learn about the human body and how to train different clients                                                                      

    - This model has been created to make every athlete job-ready as a certified fitness instructor.
    - On successful completion of this program, you will be shortlisted to interview for a full-time position with CoolCoach Training.


    Wondering which program is for you?

    Fitness Coach Certification

    If you:

    - are 18+

    - have completed at least 1 Fellowship/life skill training/livelihood training program with a CoolCoach recognized organization

    - have at-least 1 year relevant work experience as a coach/fellow/trainer/facilitator 

    - have strong sports background

    - are willing to commit 3 months for online training

    - minimum 10th Pass
    - have English Knowledge


    Fellowship Program

    If you: 

    - are 18+

    - a fresher with no experience or previous training

    - have strong sports background

    - are willing to commit 1 year for training yourself and gain work experience

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