Qualifying Criteria to apply for the Fitness Coach Certification

  • Age: At the time of graduation from the Fitness Coach Certification, youth has to be 18+. As they will be employed on successful completion of the program, this is a must.


  • English: This program will be delivered in English and the jobs students will be applying for also need comfort with the English language. To be successful in this 3 month program, applicants need to have a Functional Knowledge of the English Language. For us functional knowledge corresponds to the B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) 

    • Reading: Applicants should be able to read and understand their textbook. The CEFR levels of the words in the lessons in textbook are ~75% B1 or below and the remaining ~25% are B2 or above.

    • Writing: Applicants should be able to do the written assignments given to them in English.

    • Speaking: Applicants should be able to speak with fellow students, Instructors and Managers and be able to communicate thoughts and ideas.

    • Listening: Applicants should be able to understand the sessions by Instructors in English as part of the program.


  • Sports Achievement: We are looking to find Kinesthetically Gifted youth i.e they move well and they love to move. Their achievements in the sport[1] of their choice are a proxy for a few traits we are looking for - discipline, fitness and movement ability. The level at which they have played is a proxy for discipline Given their background in sports, we expect a certain level of cardiovascular endurance as well an ability to do a variety of different movements with ease.

    • They should have high energy. They are supposed to workout five days a week as part of the program.

    • They should have decent capacity across fitness components like cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, mobility & muscular endurance.

  • Coaching/Training/Facilitation experience: From the 1-2 years of relevant work experience they have (coaching/training/facilitating sessions), we expect youth to have built a foundation, such as:

    • Be comfortable, confident and clear while speaking to their audience during a session.

    • Implement a session by following a lesson plan and having the ability to deliver clear instructions.


  • Completion of a Life-Skill Training Program with a CoolCoach Partner Organization: Completing a life skill training program indicates an ambition and at the same time, our partner organization can give us insight into a candidates behavior, discipline etc. The applicant should have learned basic professional etiquettes and in the recommendation from our partner organization, we are looking to understand the applicant's ability to 1) be punctual 2) dress appropriately for different situations especially for a professional setting 3) communicate in a professional setting 4) complete tasks assigned on time.


  • Academic Qualification: 10th pass at least. This is a proxy for us that they have the basic learning ability.





We are fully aware that very often, inability to reach certain levels in a sport is due to lack of exposure and opportunity. So, please do encourage sports persons who have played at whatever level to apply. Apart from achievements, we are also looking for a strong recommendation from our partner organization who can give us insight into an applicant's discipline