CoolCoach School Health Program

    Structured PE class, nutritional awareness, health check ups and sports training to bring a holistic approach in schools to help students, teachers and parents adopt a healthy lifestyle. We believe to make nations fit, each individual has to start young. Thus we started our school intervention. 

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    Why School Health Program?

    Health & Fitness

    1. Children are not moving enough. They have close to zero physical literacy.
    2. Unhealthy children leads to absenteeism which affects their performance.
    3. Unhealthy children are unable to focus in school
    4. Globally Non-Communicable Diseases are affecting children and adult equally
    What is School Health Program?

    Road to Health & Fitness

    A holistic approach taken by CoolCoach where we work with children, teachers and parents to build a healthy lifestyle. With fun session, exposure and awareness classes, fitness competitions and sports training we are a one stop place for a school to build health, fitness and sports for your students. 

    How do we do it?

    The CoolCoach Way

    1. Fitness Training during existing PE  classes
    2. Assessments and Report Cards to track progress
    3. Nutritional Classes and Exposure Workshops
    4. CoolCoach Games - Fitness Competition for students 
    5. Dedicated Fitness Trainer
    6. Sports Training 
    7. Annual Medical Check Up


    We are currently working in Pune and Kozhikode. Coming to 3 new cities.


    We worked with 25 schools in the past 3 years and will soon be expanding.


    We have trained more than 10000+ students until now. 

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