Our mission is to make nations fit by educating and instilling healthy habits while providing fitness-related career opportunities.

    Our Initiatives

    CoolCoach School Health Program

    Structured PE class, nutritional awareness, health check ups and sports training to bring a holistic approach in schools to help students, teachers and parents adopt a healthy lifestyle. We believe to make nations fit, each individual has to start young. Thus we started our school intervention. 


    CoolCoach Academy

    Education programs for youth with sports background who are aspiring to build a career in the fitness industry. One of a kind program to help youth upskill themselves to be a professional coach in the growing fitness industry. With growing demand for physical educators in schools and fitness trainers in the fitness & sports industry, CoolCoach Academy prepares youth for their career. 



    Our coaches are trained to meet you where you’re at, and get you where you want to be in your fitness journey. They get you to put in the reps, without letting things get repetitive, so to speak. Which is why all of our sessions - each and every one of them - are designed with your goals, strengths, improvement areas, lifestyle habits, physicality and persona in mind.